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How to Use a USB Cable to Transfer Movies to a PSP From an iPod


    • 1). Configure the computer to view hidden files. Open "My Computer" and click "Tools," then "Folder Options," then "View." Tick off the box that says "Show Hidden Files and Folders." Click OK.

    • 2). Turn on the computer volume and raise it if it is off.

    • 3
      The devices must be connected via USB cable.USB image by Angelika Bentin from

      Connect the iPod to the computer by using either a dock or the iPod USB cable. When it has properly connected, your computer will confirm it by chiming a sound.

    • 4). Open "My Computer" and open the new iPod drive.

    • 5). Connect the PSP to the computer. Like with the iPod, your computer will confirm its connection with a chime.

    • 6). Open "My Computer" in a new window. Open the new PSP drive.

    • 7). Highlight the folders in the iPod drive window that contain the movie files you want to transfer.

    • 8). Click and drag the highlighted folders into the PSP window. This may take several minutes.

    • 9). When the transfer has finished and the dialog box closes, close both of the drive windows.

    • 10

      Right click the icon on the task bar to safely remove your hardware before unplugging your devices.

    • 11
      Don't forget your PSP headphones.Earphones on Pink image by JJAVA from

      Turn on the PSP. Once it boots up, navigate to the "Videos" section of the main menu. Here, you will find the iPod movies you transferred over.

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