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How to Find Pictures Used on MSN

    • 1). Launch the Web browser, and access the MSN search engine website (see Resources).

    • 2). Click the "Images" hyperlink on the MSN homepage directly above the Web search text field.

    • 3). Enter a name, description or relative keyword phrase for the image in the Web search text field. (If the search engine auto-responder displays the full text you want to enter, you can simply click the auto-responder link to fill in the rest of the text).

    • 4). Click the "Image Search" link to the right of the text field. The MSN / Bing image search engine will begin searching and generating picture results based on the information you provided.

    • 5). Go through the MSN image search results to find the picture of your choice. Then, double-click the thumbnail image for the picture in the MSN image search. A larger image of the picture will be displayed on the following page.

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