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How to Buy Junk Cars in Louisville, Kentucky

    • 1). Request a list of local junkyards from the Louisville Chamber of Commerce at 502-625-0039.

    • 2). View the available cars. If you are not interested in the current selection, leave your contact information and a description of your desired vehicles so the workers can call you if one becomes available.

    • 3). Purchase the Courier-Journal, Louisville's newspaper. View the automobile for sale ads and look for wrecked, salvaged or junk cars. Contact the owners and schedule times to view their vehicles.

    • 4). Visit online auction sites like, or Enter your search criteria for junk cars in Louisville. Often, these sites provide cars for sale from insurance companies.

    • 5). View online ads at sites like or from individuals with junk vehicles for sale in Louisville.

    • 6). Locate vehicles you want to purchase. Request a bill of sale and title for the cars you purchase. Pay for the cars in the manner the seller requests, such as certified check. However, always keep a receipt for your records.

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