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Sales Scripts That Sound Different Get You the Sale - 3 Simple Tips

On the way home from your office one day I invite you to perform a simple test.
As you drive through the traffic, stop lights, and listen to your radio, just take note of the billboards that you pass.
No need to make extra effort just glance up at the big billboards on your way home.
Just after you set down your papers and mail, try to write down three of the messages that you remember from the billboards.
Most people will struggle to come up with 1.
Good luck remembering the phone number, website, or even the call to action.
With so many distractions just on the ride home it can be brutal to remember what you see.
The reality is that we don't even pay attention to most of the billboards because they all look and read the same way.
Very few are different and as a result our brains simply "turn off" the white noise of advertising.
Sales scripts can run into the same challenge as a billboard.
The ones that sound like everyone else will fall on deaf ears to your prospects.
They have heard the pitch 100's of times and that means you won't get their attention.
The moment they hang up the phone they will simply forget who called and go back to their day.
In order to stand out, to pique interest, and get more sales, I invite you to think differently about your scripts.
Consider the following tips for your sales scripts to sound different and sell more:
  1. Be the Doctor - Your Doctor isn't worried about getting your business.
    She knows she is great, she knows you are sick and as a result she makes sure you jump through her hoops.
    Instead of trying to compliment the prospect or find something in common, get the attitude of the doctor.
    Have the confidence that what you are offering is the BEST for them.
    Having the confidence of the doctor will change your tone of voice and the flow of the conversation.
  2. Only Ask Questions - Most sales scripts pitch features and benefits.
    They reveal and feature and then share the benefit to the client.
    People know this pattern which means their minds just turn off when someone starts "pitching" them.
    Instead of telling prospects what is good for them, ask interest piquing questions.
    Interest piquing questions will carefully reveal features, benefits, and why it is important to the client.
    Pique their interest on how you can save them time.
    Pique their interest on how you can save them money.
    The more questions you ask the more prospects will want to find out more and identify you as an expert.
  3. Control the Call - Your time is valuable.
    Don't let the prospect tell you what they expect from you, you tell them! Control the flow of the call with questions.
    Lead them down the path of getting an appointment or signing up with you on the phone by carefully directing them to the goal.
    Only allow them to ask a question when you feel it is the right time.
    After all Doctor's get to ask their questions first.
When you take the time to be the doctor, ask questions, and control your calls with interest piquing questions you will be on the path to doubling your sales.
Ditch your tired sales scripts and start asking more questions today.
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