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Tip On Your First Date: Making A Conversation

The first conversation is the deciding point wherein the couple decides whether to continue seeing each other or not. They say that the first impression lasts, so the topics for your first chat should be well thought of.

Here are some tips that would help to make your conversations smooth.

1.Do not talk too much. Blabbering will reveal everything about yourself. This leaves no room for mystery and your date will lose interest in you if there is nothing new she /he can learn about you. It is better to talk only about the basic information like full name, family background, education, hobbies, likes and dislikes. More intimate or personal topics would have to be reserved when your relationship grows deeper.
2.Find a solemn place to talk. Noisy places are not good for conversation because you wont be able to hear other well. Quiet places will also exude solemn and calming atmosphere.
3.Talk about something you have or you know in common. Do not talk about sports, its only for men, except if your date is sporty. Girls should not talk about fashion unless her date is into fashion. Do not talk about hot topics like religion, politics, or government because aside from the fact that you will bore your date, talking about these topics because you might end up arguing if you have different opinions.
4.Ask questions about your date. This will show that you are really interested about your date. Do not ask personal questions. Ask about her job or her family. Do not force her to answer questions she does not want to answer.
5.Do not hint about what you might be doing after the date. First and foremost, its impolite and rude. Your date might not be in the mood for it or might not be willing to go with you after. Let nature take its course.
6.Give compliments. Praise her every now and then. For example, compliment her good looks or her dress. But praise her just enough to make her feel special. Your date will feel more comfortable.
7.Answer all her questions to show that you are not hiding anything. If you avoid a question, it means that you are not willing to share your story.
8.Be yourself. Its always easier to tell the truth. Do not make fantasies of a handsome prince charming.
9.Always show respect. Your date will feel special if you respect them. Do not forget to pull her chair if she is sitting down, to help her when she stands up and open the car for her. These small things that show respect will let her know that you care.

Its always good to start a relationship based on trust and truth. Trust because the couple should have faith in each other and Truth because misunderstanding caused by lies is one of the most common cause s of failed relationships. Your first conversation is just the beginning step to a good or bad relationship.

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