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Grants for Bible Institutes

    From Your Church

    • Churches offer grants for their members who want to attend Bible institutes, especially if that person is already involved in service in the church in some manner. Churches may offer a much smaller amount of money, but some institutes will give a matching grant, doubling the amount you receive. Ouachita Baptist University is one of the Bible institutes that will provide a matching grant as long as it comes from a Southern Baptist Church.

    From the School

    • More often than not, you will find that the Bible institute you want to attend offers grants for students who have a financial need. Many times these grants are provided by alumni who want to help others gain in their knowledge of the Bible. Even if you want to complete your degree at Bible college online you can receive a grant for that.

    Online Schools

    • Grants for receiving your education online work the same as if you were physically attending classes. The application process is the same as if you were applying for a grant to attend a Bible institute. There are many different colleges that offer classes, especially for those who want to attend, but may be a little older than the usual college age and have a family to provide for. Attending a Bible institute online is more convenient for some people and there are grants offered to you as well. Some of the schools that offer online degrees and grants include Liberty University, Grand Canyon University and Argosy University.

    From Organizations

    • Many different organizations offer grants for those who want to go to Bible institutes. While most of these are faith based organizations that is not always the case. The government offers grants for those who want to go to school, but cannot afford it. Check the criteria for the particular grant you want. Some Bible institutes are not accredited and that is usually one requirement of government grants. Go to to find many different educational grants. You can also find grants that are denomination specific. The Charles B. Keesee Educational Fund provides money for students who are attending a specific Baptist Bible institute. Ohio Wesleyan University offers grants for spouses or children of an ordained Methodist minister.

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