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Uses for Sovereign Silver Hydrosol


    • Natural Immunogenics Corp., based in Pompano Beach, Fla., manufactures and sells the nanoparticle silver product called Sovereign Silver hydrosol. The University of Miami Medical School confirmed that the silver particles in Sovereign Silver are, on average, 0.8 nanometers (nm) in width, more than 100,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. Other studies have confirmed that the particles are 99.99 percent pure silver. The only other ingredient in the hydrosol is medical-grade water.

    Internal Use

    • Sovereign Silver hydrosol is taken internally as part of an immune system support regimen that also includes drinking fluids and eating healthy meals, in consultation with a medical or holistic health adviser. Taking one teaspoon to one tablespoon is recommended three to seven times daily on an empty stomach.


    • A dose of Sovereign Silver is held under the tongue for 30 seconds to speed absorption. You also can wash it throughout your mouth or gargle before swallowing. Natural-Immunogenics offers a fine mist bottle and a vertical spray bottle that you can use to take Sovereign Silver nasally or to apply a dosage under the tongue. Thirty fine mist sprays or 50 vertical sprays are equivalent to one teaspoon.

    Topical Use

    • Of the many potential health benefits of silver, its antibacterial properties are the best documented. Before 1999, colloidal silver products were sold over the counter in the U.S. for a variety of common external health concerns, such as cuts and burns, especially in situations where infection is a potential risk. However, because of a change in laws, Sovereign Silver is marketed and labeled for internal use only as described above.


    • The primary safety concern for colloidal silver products is argyria, a condition in which the skin turns blue or bluish-gray. Sovereign Silver's manufacturer says it poses virtually no risk of argyria or any other silver toxicity when used as recommended. The concentration of Sovereign Silver (10 to 23 ppm) is well within the Environmental Protection Association's safe range. Additionally, the extremely small size of the silver particles and their positive electric charge is designed to keep toxic levels of silver from building up within the body.

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