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What Are the Different Online Data Entry Services?

In this highly competitive world, data entry services done online are a cost-effective and safe option for businesses of all sizes.
Online services provided by reliable BPO services give several options for you to choose from.
Online Data Entry Services Most accomplished business process outsourcing firms provide wide range of online services for texts, images, medical claims, scanned images and legal documents.
Here is a bird's eye-view of those services:
  • Data capture and conversion: Data capture process involves collecting, arranging, formatting, interpreting and storing data in the required fields.
    Data conversion is the process of one changing particular data format into other format.
    Reliable services will have resources to cater to your data conversion requirement of any type such as word processing, internet publishing, and conversion of CAD, HTML, PDF, XML, e-books and catalogs in to any required format.
    Capturing and conversion of data are effected by means of the following:
    • Digitization: Analog sources like video tapes, audio file and images are scanned and digitized.
      Digitization services helps in storing this information onto a computer for easy processing and transmission.
      Standards of digitization vary from software to software of different breeds.
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition): OCR helps to read the text from paper and translate the images into machine editable text and is used to scan photographs, brochures, and documents with busy backgrounds.
    • Scanning and indexing: Scanning and digitization of documents such as photos, drawings, medical records and business cards is done for easier access and retrieval of data.
      Scanning and indexing services available with leading outsourcing companies include aperture card scanning, microfilm or microfiche scanning, and CD-ROM cataloging and publishing.
    • ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition): ICR is a computer translation process that converts handwritten text into machine understandable documents.
      It helps in data capturing services for directories, banking forms, medical forms and insurance forms.
  • Insurance claim processing: Effective processing of insurance claims done by reliable outsourcing services ensure greater chance of claims being accepted and money reimbursed.
    Automation technology is used for smooth claim process procedures.
  • Word processing: This service helps to record, edit, store and revise documents for your business activities.
    Software applications such as Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect are commonly used to compile data and content from charts, manuscripts, articles, presentations and booklets.
Benefits of Online Outsourcing: If you are considering outsourcing your tasks, make sure to choose the right outsourcing firm who can provide you customized business solutions along with the following benefits:
  • Competent services
  • Cost saving
  • Ideal turnaround time
  • High level quality and accuracy
  • Best customer service
  • Data security and confidentiality
  • State-of-the-art technologyExpert work force

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