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Yoga: Shown To Help Cure Cancer Patients

A cancer specialist of San Antonio, Texas said during a seminar in Oklahoma City that a cure for cancer is possible by the application of Yoga.
Hansa Raval, M.
D, pathologist with the United States said that physicians declined to recognize the cure.
She further said that till she began researching the application of the non conventional modes of treatment, her work in cytotechnology which is a diagnostic branch of medicine whose objective is to pinpoint the early stages of cancer was ineffectual.
She claimed to have observed crippling arthritis, headache, and even cancer being healed by Raja yoga and meditation.
Her views were rejected by others belonging to the medical profession as being silly, in spite of the proof given by her, accumulated during her two years of study at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in India.
Raval's hypothesis that 98 percent of all cancer is psychosomatic is the reason for yoga's success as a mode of treatment.
She pointed out that this was not chanting or reciting mantras.
Neither are scriptures its basis.
It is not a cult or a biofeedback.
Yoga goes much deeper.
It is an exhaustive understanding of what the soul is and a full proof method of meditation.
According to Raval the medical schools have a strong disposition towards the conventional modes such as radiation, chemotherapy, and treatment using machines, and consequently look down upon the non conventional modes of treatment.
The human being as merely being a body is taught to students in medical schools .
But the body can be cured by the power of the mind.
The combination of mind, body and soul is what is literally meant by the term psychosomatic.
The body suffers while the soul generates the disease.
It is possible to heal the disease only through the psyche if it the psyche which has caused it.
This is treating the root cause of the problem and is a very simple formula.
Curing the disease through the treatment of the soul is revealed in all studies relating to parapsychology.
Peace and purity for health happiness is taught at the World Spiritual University which has branches in 30 countries.
It has its office at the U.
building in New York and has acquired the status of a nongovernmental member of the U.
Through Raja yoga students are taught to search their soul, enquire as to their origin and the cause of their body being invaded by cancer.
The role of religion, stress, family and lifestyle to the cause of cancer is also learnt.

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