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Thrombosed Hemorrhoids - Only If You Know the Cause You Can Find a Solution

You've probably heard the term, thrombosed hemorrhoids, but didn't understand exactly what they were.
Throughout this article I'm going to give you an in-depth description of what thrombosed hemorrhoids are and some alternative treatments to help you get rid of them.
Let's start with what they are.
A thrombosed hemorrhoid is what forms when veins inside the anus or outside the rectum start to swell and protrude outwards.
Blood flow becomes restricted in these veins and the vessels start to split, causing pools of blood to form as well as clot underneath the skin.
Normally thrombosed hemorrhoids aren't dangerous but can be extremely painful and it is in the best interest of most to get rid of them.
The most common cause for thrombosed hemorrhoids is sitting for extremely long periods of time.
But they can also be caused quite often by: straining too much during bowel movements, weight lifting, and giving birth (or even being pregnant).
At first you might want to wait it out and see if it gets worse.
These blood clots will often break apart and just go away, but if the thrombosed hemorrhoids get WORSE, you need to take action.
The recommended way to get rid of these hemorrhoids is with surgery, but there are some alternative home remedies that I should tell you about first.
If you don't want to opt immediately for surgery, here are some things to try: a warm bath with creams to alleviate swelling and pain, adding more fiber to your diet to loosen up stool, and there are a number of natural treatments out that you can look into to heal yourself up.
It's still recommended to get surgery to get rid of the thrombosed hemorrhoids once and for all, but if you can't afford it or just need a different way, you might want to look into alternative medications.

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