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Tigress Killing Condemned in National Park in India

Even the cruel killing in the Maharashtra by angry mobs in the Bhakru Tola nearest Bamni on the Chhatisgarh-Maharashtra boundary is being wide condemned.

Send team by National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) for fact-finding to find out the truth. But this team do not found this ascertain the truth.


The mature tigress (about 4 years) was beaten by mobs of over six thousand villagers to tigress death rights in a front of the Rajanandgaon DFO and others field force on Saturday.

"We have taken serious notes and are taking into consideration send a facts-finding team to see into total events," told by SP Yadav, joint director of National Tiger Conservation Authority on Sunday.

When asked to Yadav whether taken permission to NTCA before releasing tigress in the National Park in India. Yadav said, it will have to the high check up. NTCA member of secretary Rajesh Gopal didn't respond to any question him.

State official staffs are not active to confirm whether it is same tigress was released or other tigress releasing in Navegaon. However, there are hints from the field staffs that it is the same tigress released that was spotted in the Southern Deori parts. A forest official member still confirmed that pugmarks matched of the dead tigress with the one of the recorded by them.

National Board for Wildlife condemned the take action of the villagers. "People should feel very shamed for killing (tiger) the vehicle of 'Maa Durga' especially in front of Navratra," he said.

B Majumdar said was (wildlife) he had created the practices of fit transmitter chips below tail of problem leopard trapping in the Chandrapur. However the practices look to have discontinued. This practice and Chandrapur practice same ideas thus controlled this actions by NTCA and government of India. Both the Navegaon and the Katlabodi tigress had not fitted with radio-collared and transmitter chips.

Wildlife Protection Society of India, Central India of director Nitin Desai, says the event show that people don't have sympathies toward tigers and wildlife.

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