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What"s In a Name - Be Careful Trying to Categorize Libertarians

Most folks don't realize it but libertarians by the very nature don't agree with either party much less each other.
Some lean more left, some more right, some lean one way or another on any given topic, so trying to classify them is almost impossible.
Worse, if one does try to classify anyone of them, they are sure to jump to the wrong conclusion.
You see, what you've been told by your particular political party, the media, or your friends is probably wrong.
Those in the Tea Party are considered libertarians but they generally lean to the right of the political spectrum, while others who are libertarians might lean to the far left, but disagree with too many points of the Democrat party to jump under that umbrella.
On October 29, 2013 there was an interesting article in Reuters titled; "Most U.
libertarians do not identify with Tea Party: survey," by Mary Wisniewski which noted; "Libertarians, who generally support maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of government, differ sharply with the Tea Party and religious conservatives on issues such as abortion and decriminalization of marijuana, according to the survey by the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute.
- 61% percent of libertarians do not identify themselves as part of the Tea Party, the survey showed.
About 7% of the adult population is consistently libertarian and that includes 12% of those who describe themselves as Republicans.
" Yes, well, I suppose this is true, as many libertarians lean left of center and many are atheists and so they see the Tea Party as mostly hard-core Christian types.
So, this has something to do with it.
But, also the Tea Party has been so maligned by the media, many who do vote that way even if they don't admit it in a survey still believe in most of their cause.
Not long ago, I mentioned this reality to an acquaintance who went off on a tirade at the mere mention of the Tea Party, and she thought all libertarians were nuts.
Obviously, she had been spending much of her walking hour watching left-leaning news stations.
The negativity, animosity, and perceived hatred has been perpetuated by sound and fury driven Cable TV dribble.
It would be nice if the media could tone it down a bit.
Personally, I don't have any problem with Tea Party folks, especially if one follows the history of the East India Tea Company, and how this nation started and why it broke off from England.
Government should be efficient.
Libertarians are perhaps more honest, because they will not merely go along with the party line on everything merely because everyone else is doing it.
Please be careful not to jump on the band wagon to malign members of the Tea Party, they love this country very much, and they want what's best for it.
They believe in for the most party smaller government, more local control, and free-markets.
They believe in all those things you do; freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Whereas, they probably disagree with our socialist drift in our politics and the way we run the nation, they are just as much an American as you are.
Please consider all this and think on it.

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