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The Value of Paraguay History

In very deed, thanks to rich history, especially of the colonial period, and retained traditions of Guarani people, Paraguay have not lost its racy features. And Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, is the precise destination to enjoy the best of this country.

Amongst all the major travel sites around the city, Guarani Splendor Hotel continues to be iconic. Once it was the most advanced and fashionable building, which embraced the entire quarter with the urban area. No wonder, it was the first and, perhaps, the sole 5-star hotel in Asuncion. Each of its 13 floors accomodate 19 rooms, booked by the very first figures of the state and foreign officials. In addition, it was the main informational and advisory spot in Asuncion. Till nowadays, it is considered the best hotel and welcomes the important guests of the country.

Speaking of informational value, this cannot be said about the international airport in Asuncion's neighborhood, to where all the travelers and official visitors come first. It is named famous pilot, the pioneer of Paraguayan aviation, Silvio Pettirossi. In contrast to other airports in South America, there is no informational boards, panels, TV screens or something alike. To date, the information about boardings, registrations and landings is given on simple tablets, put by airport employees on the special stands.

It is important to note that there is no need to turn to railway connection in Paraguay, as there is no single station upon the entire territory of the state, except the very old one playing a role of travel attraction. railway connection was considered to be a true misfortune to Paraguay economy and, as time passed, ancient rail-tracks had been covered with paving asphalt.

Thus, survivals of the past has touched not only transport and economic decisions. There are lots of examples of how Paraguayans, in particular, citizens of advanced Asuncion, preserved their traditions. For instance, garbage is still collected into baskets on the sticks and removed out of the city on using horses. The culture of mate tea, in addition, has been old-fashioned yet attractive for tourists. It is inhere they can taste original yerba mate from original pumpkin gourds, not to mention getting familiar with distinguishing Guarani culture.

Learning from, historical heritage of Paraguayan people is, probably, a major thing that prevents them from being outranged by prosperous neighbors. And one can see this if learning the story of momentous building of the city of Asuncion.

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