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Buying a Caravan

When buying a caravan you must take into consideration several things.
In this article I hope to inform you of several checks you must make and things to consider when buying a caravan.
The first thing you need to consider is how much use will I get from a caravan? If you are only thinking of using your new caravan once or twice a year then may-be buying your own caravan is not the best option for you.
There are many caravan sites which will let you rent a caravan for a week or two.
This allows you save the initial investment and save you the inconvenience of hooking up and moving the caravan.
If your heart is set on buying a caravan then there are two types you can choose from.
The first is a static caravan.
This is normally a caravan which does not move from site to site.
You pay a fee per year for the upkeep of the caravan site and rental of the caravan.
This type of caravan ownership limits you to one spot.
The second type of caravan you could choose is the more traditional type of mobile caravan which you hook up to a car and move from site to site yourself.
This allows you to pick and choose the caravan site you want to stay at on a regular basis.
When you have decided on which type of caravan you need to consider how many people at once will be using the caravan.
As they come in all shapes and sizes you can get 2 to 8 berth (beds) caravans so if you have a larger family then more berths would be more suitable for your needs.
When buying a second hand caravan I recommend that you check everything especially check for rust around the chassis area, and underneath the van.
If there is fresh paint there then it could be the sign of a quick paint job to cover it.
Rust is a big problem with caravans and is very expensive to fix properly.
Check for water leaks and damp from any pipes also look around the windows, doors and the roof for signs of water damage like brown or black stains.
If there is a smell of damp in the air then there could also be a problem.
Check the carpets to see if they are damp or wet as this would indicate a hole in the undercarriage.
Check the tow hitch to make sure it moves easily and that the handbrake holds the van when on.
Also check the entire joints around this area for cracks and rust.
If this has been painted recently look at the joints underneath as they may have missed painting this and would indicate there is a problem.
Also check for scrapes and scratches around the hitch as this may indicate a broken lock and hence a stolen caravan.
Check the tries for tread depth and ware as this would indicate a lot of miles have been done.
Check the chassis and the springs as replacing these could be very costly.
Check the caravan vin number and check against the caravan documents.
If this number is different than the vin number on the caravan then do not buy the caravan.
I also recommend that you do not buy a caravan without any documentation.
I recommend that you only buy a second hand caravan from an accredited caravan dealer as your making a large investment and most reputable dealers will check all of the points above, but check them out for yourself then you can look forward to many happy years of caravanning ahead.

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