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The Banana Diet - Is the Banana Diet Your Final Weight Loss Diet?

I'm sure you have seen in the news lately that the banana diet is taking Japan by storm.
To the point that there has been shortages of bananas.
The facts are though that if you do a bit of research you will find this diet has been around in resent history since 1970s in one form or another.
The main premise of this diet is that you eat two bananas before breakfast, two bananas before lunch, and one banana before supper.
Also that the diet states that there is no eating after 8 p.
Many experts have weighed in on whether this banana diet is healthy or not.
From what I can see there are many good factors and some bad factors in this diet.
On the positive side of things bananas are rich in potassium and high in fiber, so you can't go wrong by eating a solid performer like the banana.
On the negative side the diet tells people they can eat whatever they want as long as they eat their bananas first.
I would think this would not be good advice, unless of course you were given to eating lots of other healthy foods.
It's a known fact that overeating foods such as pizza, ice cream, fries, or potato chips even after eating a banana or two, would not be a healthy choice for you.
So as with anything else in life a little common sense will go a long way in keeping you healthy as we journey down life's road.
I think the premise behind the banana diet is that if you eat the bananas before the main course you will not feel like eating a huge portion for your main meal.
And not eating after 8 p.
will definitely help you lose weight if you were in the habit of eating late night snacks, snacks that are usually laden in fat.
In general I would say eating bananas could be great for your overall health.
But I know there are more beneficial and healthy diets out there for you.

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