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Keeping Your Gas Guzzler Off the Road and Store It Away Till We See a Decrease in Gas Prices

I ended up buying a SUV cover as I had to keep my SUV off the road due to the incredible rise in gas.
It's so sad because I absolutely love my SUV, it is literally my pride and joy.
I smile every time I look at it, never mind drive it! But precisely because I love my SUV, is why I bought a cover for it.
My life's dream will end up in a puff of smoke if I leave it on the streets.
I don't have the space (nor money) to build a garage, but I needed to be sure that my dear SUV remains in its pristine condition, so that when I can afford to use it once more, I won't end up spending an arm and a leg on the cleaning and bodywork.
It may sound a bit ridiculous and overdone, but let me just explain how dangerous the outside world is for your SUV, or any car for that matter.
Whether the sun is shinning, or it's raining cats and dogs, your car is under constant attack.
The sun bleaches the exterior of the car, so that it looks all washed.
Also, the sun overheats the car and will damage the internal workings of the car.
Rain contains acids that spoil the car's finish and leave unsightly water-marks.
After a while, the car will begin to rust as well.
Wind is no better, it always seems to whip all sorts of rubble and other nonsense that make nicks and dents on the car's exterior.
Even when its a seemingly 'weather-less day', no rain or shine, and only a slight breeze, the birds will always find their way to the car and leave their 'visiting card'.
Dust settles far too quickly.
All it takes is one day of leaving the car outside, and your left with a fine film of dust.
A car cover will prevent all of this from harming the car.
Dust and birds droppings cannot find their way through the cover's protective shielding.
Waterproof covers mean that the rain literally just runs off the side of the SUV cover without penetrating through to the car.
The sun's UV rays have no entry either as the car cover is UV reflective.
Car covers will also provide protection against those small scratches and dents.
All in all, your covered! But wait, the fun doesn't stop there.
Depending on the type of cover you get you get to choose the colour and design, just like I did! I bought a custom cover, which means that it was made specifically for me and my SUV.
I chose the colour of my cover and even which logo embroidered on the front.
Now my SUV looks spanking smart, even when it's in storage.

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