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What Kind of Stuff Is needed to Build a Deck?

    Lumber or Composite Material

    • The bulk of a deck is crafted of lumber or a synthetic composite material. While the dimensions of this building material will vary, depending upon the specific design of the deck, in most cases deck builders turn to 2-by-8 or 2-by-6 boards to ensure structural stability. Deck builders can either use general pressure-treated lumber or opt for a more modern synthetic deck-building material.

    Galvanized Nails

    • Galvanized nails are used in deck building to hold joists in place and secure decking material. By selecting galvanized nails, deck builders can avoid rusting and deterioration that is common with other nail types. Additionally, these nails tend to be sturdier than other types, making the deck more structurally sound.

    Carriage Bolts

    • Carriage bolts provide a strong support for deck materials. Often deck builders use these sturdy supports to join joists and hold the skeleton of the deck together. These bolts are often used only on the underside of the deck because they can be unsightly.

    Joist Supports

    • Joist supports are brackets that screw onto the beams that make up the underside of the deck. These metal supports hold cross joists in place, improving the underlying support of the deck and produce a deck that is sturdy and structurally sound.

    Trellis Material

    • When crafting an elevated deck, many deck builders use trellis material to block off the underside. The use of this material is not only aesthetically pleasing but also serves a function, as it prevents animals from making a home under the deck and potentially degrading the structural stability of the outdoor addition.

    General Building Tools

    • To assemble a deck, deck builders must use an assortment of general building tools, including a standard hammer, screwdriver, circular saw and wrench. Depending on the breadth of the deck builder's toolbox, building a deck may not require the purchase of any additional tools.

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