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How to Clean Drum Wrap

    • 1). Disassemble your drum set by removing all of the drum shells from their mounting hardware. Set the hardware aside, being careful not to scratch your drum shells in the process. Remove all foreign objects from your drums, as these could cause scratches during cleaning.

    • 2). Wipe down your drum wraps with a soft, dry cloth, carefully working around all of the mounting hardware and lugs. To do this thoroughly, you might need to remove the tuning rods from some drums, as they'll impede your movement and trap dust underneath them.

    • 3). Apply some water to your cloth to clean up tougher messes. If you've spilled soda or rod lubricant on your shells, you might need to add a bit of window cleaner to the cloth as well. Use your rag to wipe down your drums in a circular motion to prevent streaks. Clean off any excess window cleaner with a fresh wet cloth.

    • 4). Use a bit of detergent and a soft brush, such as an old toothbrush, to scrub away any gunk that might be present on the drum shells. Be gentle with your drum shells; you don't want to wear through the wraps, and you certainly don't want to scratch the wooden plies underneath the wrap, since this could negatively affect the durability and sound of the drum.

    • 5). Keep your drums in soft- or hard-shell cases when you transport them to a gig or rehearsal. This will prevent your drum wraps from incurring scuffs and scratches. If you plan to place your drums in storage for any period of time, be sure they're protected by cases. Dust buildup can mar the appearance of your drums, and storage units are often dusty.

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