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Follicular Extraction a Permanent Hair Transplantation Surgery

Hair! A follicle of protein and arising on the almost all parts of external epidermis (skins) however it is not growing on eyes, lips, ears, nostril, genital area and several other external skins of the mucus membrane and it also not growing on feet's soles, palms surface, in female chin and other parts where glabrous skin because of the natural process it would be permanent disappearing. Epidermis (upper layer of skin) protected with hair by external surrounding contact.

Human head hairs are protect the head from the injury and give the better looks to the face, hair made with keratin a protein found all mammals hair, and it will be growing in the three-phase anagen, catagen, and the telogen. Anagen is first phase of hair growing and it will be active up to 3-7 years of age, catagen is second phase and almost ending stage of anagen and earlier stage of the club hair so it is shorter phase, telogen is last phase and approx 70% hairs are entered in the scalp and finally it death.

Hair Transplantation Procedure...

Head hair falling and it turn to thin are the major problems of the millions of the people and widely affected to female and male, mostly 50-100 it falling every day, majorly in male hair falling is due to the pattern or the genetically more detail androgenic alopecia, whatever they are not take the easy the excessive it falling so they find the temporary solution for the protect it they may use the Wigs and the Spray daily but also the permanent solution is there by the surgery.

The invasive hair transplant procedure is permanent solution of excessive hair losing, although it will be painful and scar of the surgery is permanent. The various procedure is perform on the patient by hair transplant surgeon Toronto likes Invasive treatment, Topical Surgery, Light Therapy, and Prescription Medication are the simply uses, however the latest procedure is the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and it generally perform by best FUE surgeon Toronto because it will be less painful and the scalp scar is disappearing in few days.

FUE is procedure of the follicular transfer, in this method made the small incisions occurring in the donor site head and unit of the follicles are extracted. Those groups of the hair are then moved in the recipient site, this treatment is the different to the other procedure of the hair transplant strip harvesting, in this procedure follicular are taken directly from the donor site and place in the targeted site, it will be painful and left the imprint of the scar so the top FUE surgeon Toronto are advice for the FUE process for the hair transplants because it is not left the scar and minor painful treatment.

The advance FUE procedure of the hair transplant is much develop surgery, in this treatments the targeted area for surgery the hair is extract from the other parts of the body so the reduce the risk of the again growing hair of the donor site, this advance surgery is the very less painless through the best hair transplant surgeon Toronto and the more advantage of the treatment is it not left the any permanent scar on the site.

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