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How to Introduce a New Parakeet to Another Parakeet

    • 1). Choose a parakeet from the pet store. Pick out a younger parakeet that the older, more experienced bird will more readily accept.

    • 2). Quarantine the new parakeet in a separate room or structure -- if possible, for at least 30 to 90 days after it's bought, according to Doctors Foster and Smith. During this time, feed the parakeet from a separate bowl, clean and sanitize its cage daily and don't allow it to share toys with your existing birds. Keeping the birds separate for this amount of time ensures no illnesses are spread between the two parakeets.

    • 3). House the birds in the same room, but separate cages, after the quarantine time has passed. Play and interact with the birds for the same amount of time. Do not show favoritism to the new bird during this time; this could make your existing parakeet feel alienated. Allow the birds to remain together in the same room for one week.

    • 4). Open the cages and allow the birds to introduce themselves to one another after the week has passed. Close all of the doors and windows and let the birds fly around the room together. During this time, keep a watchful eye on the birds. If they begin to show signs of aggression toward one another, such as nipping, lunging or screeching, move the birds to their separate cages immediately.

    • 5). Place the birds into one large cage with each other once it's clear they're getting along. Keep separate food and water bowls for each bird. Place two perches inside of the cage to ensure that the parakeets don't fight for space.

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