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How to Set Up Dress Blues

    • 1). Wear the blue dress shirt and trousers or skirt. The line of buttons on the shirt should line up with the midline (or center of the belt buckle) of the trousers or skirt. Skirts should be knee-length while trousers will touch the top of the shoes.

    • 2). Decorate the coat with the appropriate stripes and badges before wearing. The coat should fall mid-thigh and wear easily over the chest and stomach.

    • 3). Tie the necktie or bowtie for both males and females.

    • 4). Wear the service hat so that the rim is parallel to the ground when standing straight. Hair should not be visible, so women with longer hair must wear a bun.

    • 5). Ensure proper grooming by limiting excess facial hair and keeping hair hidden under the service cap.

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