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Cortisone for Dog Arthritis Pain

    Cortisone Defined

    • Cortisone or corticosteroids are a class of medicines that are used to treat inflammation around the joints that occur in dogs with arthritis. Cortisone is a naturally occurring hormone that comes in tablet and injection form.

    How Cortisone Works

    • Cortisone works as a fast-acting anti-inflammatory and provides quick relief, decreasing redness and swelling in the arthritis-affected joints.

    Where to Get Cortisone

    • Only a licensed veterinarian can prescribe cortisone. Never give an animal human corticosteroids as they may be too potent.

    Which Dogs Should Not Get Cortisone

    • Dogs that have diabetes, liver problems or weakened immunity issues should receive alternative methods of treating arthritis, as cortisone may have adverse effects.

    Side Effects and Warnings

    • Cortisone has been noted to raise glucose levels and increased urination in dogs, which can lead to diabetes or dehydration. In some dogs, the immune system and adrenal-gland function can be suppressed by use of cortisone. Other side effects may include weight gain and liver issues. Most serious problems may occur at high doses over long periods of treatment.

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