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Florida DUI Arrests

Over the past few years’ road accidents have risen to an alarming level, and the ones related to drunk driving are becoming increasingly common.
Legal action in such cases can be complicated and sometimes unjust.
However, penalties and arrests are the only ways in which DUI (driving under influence) cases can be curbed.
The police and the FDHSMV (Florida Department of Highway Security and Motor Vehicles) should not be blamed if strong action is taken to check a drunk driver.
Florida DUI arrests are made when a driver is detected with a 0.
08% of alcohol present in his blood sample, urine or breath.
Immediate legal action follows, and the defendant has around 10 business days to make a special plea to the FDHSMV in order to save his license from being revoked for an indefinite period.
Failure to do so leads to the instant seizure of the driver's license for a minimum of 6 months.
Jail terms may follow if the DUI offense is particularly serious like that of a vehicular homicide.
All Florida DUI arrests are usually quite severe.
Jail terms in cases of first convictions start with a meager 6-month term.
However, all arrests and jail terms depend on the amount of damage done by the offender to life and property.
The arrests can, if convicted, incur a jail sentence of 30 year.
These occur in vehicular homicides, where the drunk driver had initially fled the scene.
There are quite a few websites like [http://www.
net] and http://www.
that talk at length about Florida DUI arrests.
Employers might want to browse through official DUI arrest records before employing a driver.
These sites also provide adequate information about DUI criminal records.
This is one way that an employer can help reduce the risks of DUI accidents all across Florida and the US.

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