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How Choosing the Right Material for Windows Affects Energy Savings

Making sure your widows are tightly sealed is very important to the energy efficiency of your home.
As windows usually account for about a quarter of the heat loss in a typical home, it's essential that your windows are tightly sealed and energy efficient to keep out that hot summer air! Air Sealing Air leakage causes about half of an average home's heating and cooling energy to drain into the outdoors.
Air leakage through and around windows is responsible for much of this loss.
Properly air sealing cracks and openings that air is escaping through can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.
Small gaps around the frames of windows can be sealed with common caulks.
This blocks the air flow out of your house through any space around your windows.
If warm air does leak in, this could cause mold or dust problems in areas like the attic or foundation.
During the summer, it is important that windows are closed tightly during the day so that the cool air stays in the house.
Make sure you purchase a window whose pieces are tightly joined together.
The technical specification for windows contains values for air leakage.
Windows with a lower value of air leakage, measured in cubic feet per minute per square foot of window, are best- preferably less than 0.
30 cfm/ft.
Accurately sealing your windows can make your home more energy efficient and save you money this summer! Weatherstripping When choosing a type of weatherstripping, it's important that you look for one that will withstand the friction, weather, temperature changes, and wear and tear associated with its location.
Weatherstripping placed in a window sash, for example, must accommodate the up and down, sideways, or out sliding of its panes.
Felt and open-cell foam weatherstripping tend to be inexpensive, susceptible to weather, visible, and inefficient at blocking airflow.
Vinyl, which is slightly more expensive, holds up well and resists moisture.
Metal weatherstripping is a great choice, especially for older houses, as it is affordable and will last for years.
Weatherstripping is a valuable product that seals your windows and makes them more energy efficient for your home.
It seals the cool air in and the hot air out during the summer which in the end saves you money on your cooling bills! Single Hung Windows Single hung windows have only one sash that moves which makes them a very energy efficient window.
Because only one part of the window moves there are fewer seems that must be blocked with window seals.
These windows are not only a good choice for energy efficiency, but also an affordable choice for any home.
Double Hung Windows Both sashes of double hung windows open.
This makes them very accessible for easy cleaning and makes them a great window for easy ventilation.
New double hung windows have great features which include their ability to close tightly and keep the cool air in the house from leaking outside in the summer.

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