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Bar Patron Rules for a Pool Table

    Respect the Table

    Common Etiquette

    • Do not make loud noises or try to distract the player.Sexy hot brunette female playing pool image by dimis from

      Be polite to the other patrons in the bar. Nobody is hoping to spend the evening playing a game with someone who is being obnoxious or overbearing. If you wish to dispute a shot, do so in a calm and rational voice. Accusations and a raised voice are not the going to win you any friends or make the other players more likely to give your objection any consideration. Playing billiards is a social function for many people, and they expect the same courtesies as in other social settings, such as a dance hall.

    Share the Table

    • If you want to play teams, get the other players' ball image by Richard Seeney from

      Place your quarters on the table and wait your turn, but keep an eye on the games so you know when your time has come. If you are with a group of friends, and the establishment only has one or two tables, offer to share it with other patrons. Before you place your quarters, make sure the table is open for public play. Some establishments reserve tables for tournaments or league play and an apparently empty table may not be available for use.

    Obey the House Rules

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