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Comprehensive Audit Framework Features

With increasingly rigid compliance laws introduced by the government, companies are also becoming stringent with their security policies and practices.
And this stringency is caused by the need for survival in intense competition.
The constant demands for better quality standards and value-driven performance are the outcome of vigilant and qualitative compliance methodologies responsible for ensuring safety to the overall environment.
The much talked about GRC framework sets the right parameters for enforcing and ensuring all internal and external compliance regulations.
It has become a staple of IT compliant organizations that helps to administer a cohesive, effective and comprehensive process.
These three functions are the prime forces that drive the value of a business upwards.
Hence it is essentially necessary to ensure conformance to these standards.
To ensure the sustenance of quality performance, it is equally necessary to enforce internal audits to have a clear visibility of the current status.
The use of an automated audit process facilitates high efficiency and productivity.
These automated audit frameworks can be easily deployed on software-as-a-service model, or an on-premise model or a hybrid of both.
It provides end-to-end automation solutions encompassing all security, compliance, audit and risk management needs.
The cloud-based audit framework provides complete GRC solutions to businesses of all sizes.
Features of a Comprehensive Audit Framework *Allows a quick view of the governance, risk and compliance status through its dashboards & provides the status of each unit of the organization, whether local or international and at each level.
*Sends reminders to people to adhere to the compliance standards so that it can detect the areas that are vulnerable and ensure remedial solutions.
*Provides customization facilities to suit business needs and creates exhaustive audit logs of actions that are directly related to compliance.
*Facilitates quick access to various reports relevant to each department such as management, auditing, consultants etc.
*Manages a centralized repository for security regulations maintenance.
*Quickly collects compliance data that gives the correct assessment report through online questionnaires with customizable features for the convenience of customers.
*Performs quick vulnerability scanning of network devices, databases, servers, computers and file systems to identify risks and provide remedial measures.
*Provides an intelligent mechanism where it suggests reporting to the correct authority for law enforcement in case any data lapse or compliance violation is detected.
*Its flexible and integrating feature helps multiple users in different divisions to quickly access solutions.
*Provides pre-canned templates and services on various regulations for compliance enforcement.
*Integrates new amendments & regulations to easily adjust with current regulatory standards.
An integrated and automated audit framework undertakes all the processes pertaining to risk assessments, planning, scheduling, preparation, reviewing, reporting, tracking issues and administration in an efficient manner.
Thus it provides a complete, optimized and cost-effective GRC solution.

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