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Problems Staying Focused?

I well remember times of joining new classes, schools or even the start of a new term when I sat clean, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to start new studies with my notebook open at a new, clean page, pen poised ready for the new challenges ahead.
Alas by the end of the first day, or frequently even sooner, my page would be strewn with crossings out, ink stains and spelling mistakes that reduced my clean new page to a disaster area.
Setting up a new Internet Business is very much like that.
You start off very focused and pretty soon your computer is loaded down with a great deal of useless material, you have joined all sorts of irrelevant membership sites and you are taking all day just to stay ahead of your emails.
I have been a victim of this inefficient undisciplined attitude to my Internet Marketing Career and then I realised that the real problem was that I still did not know exactly what I should be doing.
I flitted between several areas that I was fairly proficient with but I did not focus on the one thing that was essential to my advancement.
So I ended up with strands of information strewn all over my hard drive.
You need to start at a new Term with a clean page.
To do this you need to unsubscribe from all of the things that are distracting you and focus on the one topic that is going to be your mainstay.
Concentrate on what you enjoy doing and not on how you can make a dollar or two.
If you concentrate on the main focus of your endeavors the rest will come.
Think of the people on the Internet that have made the biggest impression on you and you will see that they all fit into a particular type of person.
The people who have influenced me have been generous and always over deliver on their promises.
So that when I am looking to recommend a product or a site that person is foremost in my mind.
So if you can find your niche all well and good; if not then create your own by offering something useful that the user will benefit from.
I am not saying that if you build a site - they will come.
You will still need to market your site but what I am saying is that you should eradicate extraneous material and stay focused on your main aims.
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