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Ghost Whisperer - Melinda Gordon can talk to the dead

If you're a Ghost Whisperer [] Fan or a Fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt then read the rest of this article.

Ghost Whisperer is a Tv show on Cbs where the main character's name is Melinda Gordon, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt who in the show is married to a gentleman named Jim Clancy who is represented by David Conrad.

Melinda runs an antique store with a acquaintance of hers on the show and Jim is a paramedical.
In a few shows she has seen spirits in the infirmary where he works or individuals that have died and he has attempted to save.

Melinda Gordon has had an power to see and talk to Ghost since she was a small girl.
She attempts to help them cross over by getting out what they have unsettled before they deceased.

Most of the Spirits are cool, but some cause Melinda a lot of heartbreak by breaking things and showing a lot of anger. She has to get to the bottom of what they are upset about before she can help them see the light whether it's a wife that thinks her hubby had her killed, maybe even cheated on her etc. It could be a youthful girl who died of cancer that can't crossover because she imagines her parents are angry at her.

Ghost Whispereris not your general Ghost show it's a lot better due to the fact it's not made of just Ghost or the fact she can speak to ghost, but it has a lot of emotion and more in it. They go up to what went on in the spirits life that caused them to not cross over.

It makes for a good emotional show you don't know if you need to get the table napkins to cry are get ready to jump out of your pants in fright. Like the episode where her best friend died in an plane crash. Also a tragic episode was where her husband died and come back to living in other body. His spirit sprung into a guy's body that had just died. She found out that she was pregnant with Jim's son not the Guy Sam the body Jim was now in who is played by Kenneth Mitchell.Sam didn't recall anything when he first awakened up he did not acknowledge who Melinda was.

The fresher episodes she has got a little boy who has more superpowers then she does and even see more like things as to what Aiden what is call's shadows and shinnies. He has helped a little girl's spirit who was being assaulted by the shadows, by shining a light on her to make the shadow's leave.

The lighting up and the unique effects of this show are good as well for those rise out of your seat moments when one of the spirits scare you and Jennifer Love Hewitt plays the part truly well. She can cry on queue I am not sure how anyone can weep that much.

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