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The Art of the Casual Approach

Women can be intimidating; there is no doubt about that.
At times they are so intimidating that we dare not directly approach them for fear of getting shot down.
How can we gauge when women are open to an approach? Is there a way to lessen our chances of being shot down? The answer is yes.
If you haven't heard of it yet, it's time you learned the art of the casual approach.
A casual approach is a way of saying "I noticed you.
" That's it.
All you want to do is convey this message and at the same time make her notice you too.
You're not about to go up to her and profess your admiration, you're trying to get her curious and interested in you.
It also makes you appear more confident and with-it when she sees that you don't need to talk to her in order to make your evening.
Step 1: Assess the Situation Let's say that you're in a bar with some friends and you see a woman you find attractive, but you're too nervous or intimidated to go up to her.
Sneak a few peeks at her to see who she's with.
Is she with a group of girls? A guy? This helps you assess if she'll be open to being talked to.
If she's with a group of friends, she probably won't mind being approached, but if you see her sitting closely beside a guy or holding his hand, you might want to rethink your approach as it could lead to trouble.
Step Two: Your First Move Say she's just with some girl friends.
The first thing to do is to make eye contact and give her a smile.
A great gauge for the approach is if she smiles back! You can look away for a second then look back at her, chances are she's sneaking a peek back at you.
That's it for now.
Make no further contact, have fun with your friends for about twenty minutes, but stealthily keep an eye on her too.
Step Three: Siding Up to Her If you see one of her friends head over to the bar to get some drinks, go over there as well.
When you get beside the friend, make contact with the friend by giving her a smile and making a comment about the place or the music.
You can also offer to help her carry her drinks (if she's carrying a lot) or tell the bartender that you'll bring the drinks over.
If you're lucky, her friend will take you back to her table and introduce you to her other friends, including the girl! If the girl of your choice was the one who went up to the bar, do the same thing.
She'll recognize you from before as the guy who just smiled at her.
She'll feel okay around you because you didn't try to pick her up within the first five minutes of you two noticing each other! Just like that, you were able to successfully but casually approach the girl without her seeing you make a beeline for her.
You either got introduced to her or started a conversation because you just happened to be beside her at the bar.

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