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How to Use Flags in Praise & Worship

    • 1). Make or buy flags in various colors to represent different aspects of praise and worship. Traditionally, white stands for purity, black stands for death or hell, purple stands for royalty, green stands for new life or healing, blue stands for heaven, and red stands for atonement or for the celebration of Pentecost. Yellow represents joy, orange represents fire, and gold represents the glory of God.

    • 2). Train everyone using flags in worship to check the space around them at all times, and to make sure they have enough room to move the flags freely. Keep flags pointed mostly upward so you don't hit anyone with them.

    • 3). Don't let children use adult-sized flags, as they will be too heavy for them to control safely. If you want kids to celebrate in worship with flags, give them child-sized flags with lighter-weight poles, and make sure they have enough room to swing their flags freely and safely. Also plan to use flags with shorter poles if your church or worship facility has low ceilings, or if any of the members of your team are too short to control a longer flagpole.

    • 4). Rehearse your flag routine ahead of time to make sure your team knows how to avoid furniture and other obstacles and to set up any needed lighting. Make sure your flags don't obscure any screens on which the words to songs or hymns are projected. Practice your moves at home and become comfortable with using your body in worship. Practice until you can move past thinking about your technique and specific movements, so that you can focus instead on giving glory to God.

    • 5). Incorporate your worship with flags into the larger worship service. Let the pastors and elders guide you in how to use your flags in worship. If you take your worship flags to a larger gathering, such as a conference, ask permission before you use them, and be prepared to add to the worship from the back or sides of the room.

    • 6). Keep your flags neat and clean. Since they are used in worship, it's important to treat them with respect as a symbol of respect for God and for the church. Don't allow anyone to treat them as toys or an object of entertainment.

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