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Bandhni, Shalu and Tanchoi Saris - Never Heard of them?

Apparently Israel is showing a little military force these days in Gaza, sending in an air-strike to take out a power plant and the bridges to prevent any invading activity from Syria, as Syrian military is helping Hamas leaders hide from Israelis.
Israeli fighters have now flown over the Syrian Presidents personal home and residence at very fast speeds extremely low levels in a warning to knock it off and a few windows were shattered, but that is only a wake up call as the Israelis mean business and next time it will be lethal.
The Hamas leader is now hiding in Syria, but he is a target to be assassinated by the Israelis and they say that they will indeed hunt him down and get him.
Syria has pledged military assistance and protection.
How far will Syria go now that Israeli tanks have entered Gaza, along with attack helicopters and troops? Meanwhile Syria has a pact with Iran that if either of them gets into a conflict that the other will back them up.
Nevertheless can Iran afford a war with Israel before they have achieved nuclear weapons? Can an Israeli air-strike take out all the Iranian counter and offensive weapons if Iran makes good on its Machiavellian Deal with Syria? The US is trying to allow for negotiation, but that does not look like it is happening as Syria and Israel play a game of high-stakes chicken.
Consider all this when trying to negotiate with International Terrorists and the Nation States, which sponsor them.

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