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Severe Cold Symptoms

    Sinus Symptoms

    • Severe colds can cause sinus drainage and sinus congestion. Drainage causes the nose and eyes to run, and congestion causes nasal stuffiness. Sneezing also occurs frequently. Severe colds often cause both congestion and drainage to occur in alternating fashion.

    Throat Symptoms

    • A sore or scratchy throat is another common symptom of a severe cold. Usually this is due to sinus drainage that runs down the throat and irritates it.

    Respiratory Symptoms

    • A severe cold can produce a dry cough or a congested cough. A dry cough usually results from sinus drainage and throat irritation. A congested cough that produces mucus is a result of irritated bronchial tubes.

    Pain Symptoms

    • A severe cold can cause various types of pain. Sinus problems often cause pain in the face and head. Fever can cause aches over the entire body.

    Fatigue Symptoms

    • Because the body is using its resources to fight the cold virus, the result often is fatigue. Most people with a severe cold feel mildly to extremely tired for up to a week.

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