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How to Fix a Folding Door With a Bent Pivot

    • 1). Open the folding door and fold the panels back on each other as far as possible. Lift up the door 1/4 to 1/2 inch to raise the bottom pivot out of the floor bracket.

    • 2). Place the folding door on the floor or worktable where you can easily access the top and bottom edges of the door.

    • 3). Look on the bottom of the door's hinge side to locate a metal pin with a plastic cover on it, which is the pivot. Another pivot sits on the top corner of the hinge side. The pivots are spring-loaded and depress slightly when you push up on them. Grasp the base of the bent pivot with pliers and pull it firmly away from the door to detach it.

    • 4). Take the bent pivot to a hardware store to purchase an identical one. Insert a new pivot into the hole with the plastic portion facing away from the door. Push the pivot up as far as possible, using a hammer if needed to tap it gently into place.

    • 5). Pick the door back up and place the upper pivot inside the upper bracket. Push the bottom of the door in and line up the pivot with the hole in the floor bracket. Set the folding door down on the bracket gently and close the door to ensure it works correctly.

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