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What Do Low Platelets Mean?

    Bleeding Problems

    • A person who has a persistent bleeding problem, such as a chronic bleeding stomach ulcer, will have a lower number of platelets.

    Autoimmune Disorders

    • Platelets are destroyed by disorders that attack the organs. For example, an immune system of someone will lupus will manufacture antibodies that attack organs.


    • Certain medications and drugs can decrease your count. Acetaminophen and Valium are two of the most common such medications. A person undergoing radiation treatment also will have a lower count.

    Bone Marrow

    • Any disease that affects the natural production of platelets by bone marrow can mean a lower count. Examples include leukemia, anemia and viral infections like HIV.


    • During pregnancy, a woman can experience a drop in platelet production. It is estimated that approximately 5 percent of all mothers will have thrombocytopenia while pregnant.

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