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Plastic surgery is surgery that restores, repairs or improves certain parts of the body. Plastic surgeons use special skills to improve and enhance the appearance of a person's body. Basically, there are two types of cosmetic surgery: reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is performed to improve and enhance certain body features; while reconstructive surgery is performed to correct a physical feature such as a congenital disorder or some kind of trauma that was done to the body.

It is important, if you are considering plastic surgery, to find a plastic surgeon who will not only give you quality, effective and professional service but a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with and one who has good communications skills. A good plasitc surgeon should also have a good bedside manner, be compassionate with your needs and possess quality surgical skills.

Keep in mind that a good cosmetic surgeon should also stay current with the latest techniques and advances in cosmetic surgery. To stay current with new technologies a plastic surgeon must conduct consistent research and stay current with the latest findings published in medical journals.

If you are ready for plastic surgery, there are certain guidelines that can help you with your selection such as first doing some research on plastic surgery. Then, keep in mind that most insurance providers will not pay for cosmetic surgery unless it can be proven that it is necessary for your health. Another way to make a more informed decision on a plastic surgeon in Philadelphia is to ask around. Talk with your friends and then take a good look at the names on your list and check them out on the Internet.

Types of plastic surgery available are: breast enlargement, breast reduction, brow lift, buttock lift, chemical peel, dermabrasion, face lift, facial implant and hair replacement.

Another step that will help you find a good plastic surgeon is to set up at least three consultations, seek answers to questions that concern you such as the surgical procedure, how long the procedure takes and the risks involved with the surgery. Take with you online photos that show before and after results of plastic surgery. Talk with the surgeon about the photos and see how he or she reacts to the photos. While in the surgeon's office, check out the facility, the staff, references and the surgeon's credentials.

After you have talked with your list of surgeons, ask yourself if you feel safe and comfortable with him or her or if you have any doubts. Be careful not to make your decision based only on cost. Sure, inexpensive surgery is great but inexpensive surgery could mean poor quality and poor results. When it comes to your body, you want quality and professional care.

Dr. Bandow is an accomplished and skilled plastic surgeon. Some of the procedures he has performed are: cosmetic eyelid surgery, nose surgery, breast reductions, body contouring, breast reconstruction and cosmetic facial plastic surgery.

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