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A Bad Job Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

I know, I know.
Having a bad job can cause tons of stress, health problems, family problems, and so on.
Bad jobs suck.
Bad bosses suck.
We've all had our share of them.
But here's the secret: hating your job could be the best thing that ever happened to you.
Hating your job can be a great motivator For my bad job, I eventually got sick of hating my job.
Instead, I used those negative feelings in a productive way, and started doing some things to change my situation.
Negative feelings like anger and resentment can be very powerful, and they can drag you down.
But you can use the energy behind those feelings to push yourself to change things.
Every time you think, "I hate my job," you can add something to that thought, like, "so I'm going to do ___ today to change it.
" Do at least 1 thing each day, and keep a journal of your tasks.
At first, the things you end up doing might not seem like much, but over weeks and maybe months, you'll see the massive snowball effect that these daily steps has built.
You'll be miles away from the place where you started.
For me, I started a consulting business.
I gradually built up my client list and consulting workload.
I learned how to run a successful business.
I became fully self-employed.
I can say without a doubt that starting and running my own business has completely changed my mental outlook.
Starting my consulting business-even though it seemed like an unrealistic lark at the time-has been one of the best life-changing experiences I've ever had.
What gets you going? Like I said, negative emotions can be powerful, and you can use them to your advantage in a very positive way.
Use that negative energy to propel yourself forward.
So what's your motivation? What get's you going?
  • Hating your job is a great motivator.
    Don't make any more excuses: get out from under it and change your situation.
  • Maybe seeing others make several times your annual salary can motivate you.
    Ask how you can compress the time it takes you to earn your current salary.
  • Do you want more flexibility? You set your own hours when you become a consultant.
What do you have to lose? It can be safe to stay in a bad situation that you're at least familiar with.
But you could also step out of your comfort zone.
Having a bad job is good for you because it provides great motivation to change your situation.
Starting a consulting business could be your ticket to freedom-it has been for me.
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