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The Reasons Why My Family Looks For Homes in Utah, Part 1

Have you been considering relocating your family to a new area? Is your children's environment really safe? Are your kids always complaining that they are bored out of their minds when they're home? I know my family has had those questions go through our heads from time to time.
Is there really a better location to live in? Honestly, each family situation is different, but those questions are not bad to ask once in a while.
In my family, we came to the realization that we needed a new place to go to.
How did we make this decision? It was simple.
We determined the most important factors to consider for our family, and then we weighed the options out.
After much deliberation, we decided that Utah was the best fit for us, based on the following 5 factors: community- and family-values, relative crime, schools, work, and recreation.
In this article series, each of these factors will be discussed in detail, and the reason why we chose Utah as the place for our home.
The first factor is community- and family-values.
We decided in our family that we wanted to live in an area where people were welcoming and friendly, and they supported the ideas of a healthy, happy family.
Values such as love, togetherness, and fun were things that we wanted our community to promote.
We also wanted an area where people helped each other out, and watched out for their neighbors.
Historically, Utah has been an epicenter for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (also known as the "Mormon" Church).
These people exhibit the highest standards of conduct and honesty, and they take their Christian duty very seriously.
It is important, also, to note that their religion heavily promotes the notion that "home is a heaven on earth".
Well, my wife and I decided that if we wanted to raise children, we wanted to do so in an environment where people shared our views and ideals, and where those views would be reinforced by our children's peers and their families, too.
By being surrounded by these good influences, we found that our family was happier and healthier, and there was less feuding and fighting in the home.
If you want a place where neighbors are good to each other, and your children will be surrounded by children and adults that have good Christian values and morals, then start looking for homes in Utah.
If you're interested in learning more about the pros of living in Utah, look at parts two through five of this article series.
You can find them by looking at my profile.

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