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TV Shows by Network

ABC Series

Up until a few years ago, the ABC network was the butt of industry jokes because the ratings were horrible and nothing good in the way of television drama seemed to come out of this network. Then something wonderful happened -- Desperate Housewives and Lost. These two series brought this dying network back to life and since then, shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Brothers & Sisters have become huge hits. ABC just can't do wrong these days!

CBS Series

For many years, CBS has been the number one network with shows such as the CSI franchise, Cold Case, Without a Trace and their award-winning reality series. Get to know the wonderful offerings from CBS and see what the fuss is all about.

Fox Series

From Glee to House, Fox knows what television viewers want and delivers season after season of hugely successful series. Invite New Directions or Dr. Gregory House (a.k.a. Dr. Crabby Pants) into your living rooms each week and your view of television will never be the same again.

NBC Series

For many years, NBC has struggled to gain back the ratings crown after series such as Seinfeld and Friends left the air. Thanks in large part to some amazing Heroes, the network is gradually gaining momentum in the ratings war. Learn more about the various offerings from NBC and settle in for a week's worth of compelling drama.

The CW Series

When the WB and UPN merged into the CW, viewers just didn't seem to respond well to the newly-formed network. After cleaning house (and cancelling several popular dramas), the CW is desperately trying to define themselves and identify what viewers really want. Their drama offerings may be scarce, but still absolutely worth a look.

ABC Family Series

Slowly, but surely, ABC Family has entered the ring with a couple of viable hit shows. With their original dramas airing several times during the week, fitting an ABC Family show into your busy schedule is never a problem.

HBO Series

HBO has received and won more Emmy nominations than any other network in recent years. Why all the fuss and what is different about these series than any other on television? It's just great drama in an unconfined format.

Showtime Series

Once series such as Sex & the City and The Sopranos began a new generation of premium channel hits, Showtime got in the game and now has several hits of their own. They're scandalously yummy and we just can't stop watching!

Other Cable Network Series

From The Closer to Mad Men, the cable networks offer some of television's most compelling dramas ever created.

Episode Guides

Can't wait until next week to find out what will happen on your favorite shows? Look no further, we've got your spoilers right here -- but don't look unless you really want to know!

Canceled/Ended Series

Miss those television shows you thought you couldn't live without? Take a trip down memory lane and re-visit those shows that were either canceled or ended on their own accord.

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