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Plastic Cards: Cost efficient Identification cards

Several plastic card manufacturers are in the market, offering to create plastic cards at affordable, competitive prices. The plastic cards are very much in demand because they are used in almost every industry in the form of plastic cards, which are plain or laminated, for various purposes. There are blank plastic cards, ID cards and photo cards. Badge replication is also done by the help of the devices used for generating plastic cards.

There are companies offering plain plastic cards. the wide range of cards available start with plain white PVC cards, colored PVC cards, white Hi-CO Mag stripe cards, adhesive cards, cards with a panel for signature, metallic PVC cards and reach up to Lo-co Mag stripe cards, biodegradable plain cards, visitor passes. The cards available in several microns and one can choose depending on their requirements.

Standard cards such as ID cards, attendance cards, warranty cards, health cards, embossed cards, atm cards and digital cards are created which are very vivid, high colored, and clear are available.

The ID cards are mostly used in the corporate sector as well as schools and colleges. Attendance cards, as the name suggests, keeps a check of the attendance of employees, etc. warranty cards offer the warranty of any item and are provided by the company. Embossing, tipping or magnetic strips can be used on these types of cards. Embossed cards are the method used to print machine identifiable characters onto a card for a sustainable amount of time. The ATM card is as we all know, used for cash transactions. It usually implements embossing, magnetic strips as well as magnetic strips in one single card.

Then, there are oversized cards, custom made cards, and key fobs which are also generated under the name of plastic cards.

These cards are available mostly in the following card thickness:

420 microns, 550 micron, 680 micron, 760 micron (also called as the credit card thickness).

After having selected the size of your plastic card, you need to decide the options for your plastic card, you can choose from a list of:

• Magnetic stripe. • Magnetic encoding. • Consecutive Numbering. • Chip Card. • Barcode Printing. • Signature Panel. • Embossing and Tipping. • Metallic • Mifare. • Thermal Personalization. •

Having decide your requirements and mentioning your specifications accordingly, you can submit your design to the websites and they will create the designs and mail you the designs for approval. Any changes to be made can be requested for, on arrival of the draft print.

These cards are put to several other purposes such as discount/rebate cards, entry cards, loyalty/club membership cards, visitor's cards, gift/privileges cards, VIP cards, advertising cards etc.

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