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The Dog Whisperer Economy

Most people are familiar with Cesar Millan and his show, "The Dog Whisperer" that airs on the National Geographic channel.
Cesar is a basic miracle worker when it comes to the canines.
In a typical scenario, a dog owner has a dog that is out of control.
It bites, barks, displays neurosis, attacks, chews, runs away or has a host of other problems from depression to over exuberance.
At their wits end, the dog owner calls in Cesar to work his magic and that is exactly what he does.
At the end of each show, pet and owner find peace and harmony.
There is a persistent theme at the heart of Cesar's miracles.
What is almost always revealed is that the root of the problem is not the dog, but the dog owner.
Owners are found to lack authority, i.
not the pack leader; over indulge or smother the animal in too much affection; give in to the pet's demands; act in fear when confronted with other dogs or negative situations, and they generally have no control over the dog.
All of these failings lead to the host of issues that make both dog and owner miserable.
So what the heck does this have to do with the economy? The most important bit of wisdom that Cesar imparts to his clients is that it is the pet owners "perception' or mindset that creates the problem.
The solution always rests upon the thoughts of the owner and not the acts of the dog.
It is obvious to all that the U.
and world economies are in a mess.
Official recession was announced for E.
nations, job losses are escalating, consumer spending is at all time lows, retailers are in a panic, mortgages are still collapsing, the auto industry is on the verge of bankruptcy, credit is stalled, and governments simply do not know what to do.
The G8 has become the G20 and will probably become the G120 if things continue on their downward spiral.
The economy, represented by the corporate giants, has become the mad dog in need of taming.
But what are governments doing? Just like Cesar's clients, government is not the pack leader, over indulges, spoils and is fearful of the economy and those who have wielded economic power since the Industrial Revolution.
Just as with the dogs, all that does is create more neurotic, selfish and out-of-control behavior.
They are pouring billions of bones, i.
dollars, into kennel of insatiable beasts and the negative behavior goes unchecked and exacerbated.
So what might Cesar suggest? The first thing would be that governments, but really the people, must become the pack leaders and assume authority and dominance over the beast.
The people must change their mindset of fear and act with confidence.
They must understand that the pet (economy) is not in control, they are.
If we have seen nothing else from the economic debacle it should be that the state of the economy is 'totally' one of perception.
People perceive the problem and according to the Law of Attraction, the problem grows because that is where the mental energy flows.
In the book, "Polarizing Your Life Toward Perfection," once the weeds are eliminated from your mental garden, you make room for new positive thoughts and realities to grow and flourish.
With all of the news hype about consumer and investor confidence heading for the bargain basement, there is little wonder that things are getting worse.
If we follow the advice of Cesar Milan, we should see that consumers are now in a position to greatly alter economic, social, political and environmental policy.
In the past, consumers have allowed economic forces, the dog, control our lives.
The economy demanded and like "good' pet owners, we gave.
The result has been usurious interest rates, poor lending practices, mindless spending, over flowing landfills, environmental degradation and a life at the mercy of the economic elite.
President-elect Obama knows the power of a people who take control of their lives.
We have seen that if an enlightened public will asserts itself, change follows.
The current pause in the economy is a wonderful thing.
We are now given a chance to reassess our priorities and our lives.
With what dollars we have, we can demand quality, eco-friendly, and green products and services.
If we do not buy cars that are gas guzzlers, Detroit will have to produce better cars if they want our money.
If we do not accept loans and credit cards at 19.
9% interest, they will have to offer lower rates.
If we demand an end to poisoning our children with plastic food containers, they will have to produce something better.
If we do not indulge fast food chains that are ruining the health of our children, they will have to come up with something better.
If we do not produce lasting products, we do not buy them.
If they insist on using child labor to produce their products, we do not buy them.
The consumer can now become the economic "pack leader" and forever alter the course of the world.
Consumers can demand that no money be given 'unless' economic change is part of the package.
It is our money, our taxes that now controls the pack.
Use this resource wisely and a new reality will be created in which the dog and its owner live in peace and harmony.
I hope Cesar Milan is offered a post in the Obama administration!

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