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"Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise" Raisant Tricks


    • All Pinatas, including Raisants, are capable of learning two tricks. When you teach your Raisant tricks, you gain experience points, used to grow your garden or buy new items. To teach a Raisant its first trick, feed it one buttercup flower. These are available in the store for two coins each. For the second trick, give the Raisant a toffee apple. To get a toffee apple, pay for Bart's Exchange service. If you have a normal apple, Bart can turn it into a toffee apple.


    • The Raisant is normally red and orange, but it can acquire three other colors when you feed it the right items. For instance, give the Raisant a blackberry if you want it to turn blue. Blackberry seeds cost 55 coins at the store. If you want a yellow Raisant, feed it a sunflower. Sunflower seeds are available for 22 coins each. For a pink Raisant, feed the insect a water lily. Water lily seeds cost 33 coins each.


    • If you wish to become a Master Gardener, you must collect and breed every Pinata species. Breeding Raisants gives you a large amount of experience points and you can sell the baby Raisants for extra money. To breed Raisants, you need to buy a special house for the bugs. Willy Builder can build a Raisant home for you at a cost of 550 coins. When the house is built, feed each Raisant you want to breed one sandwich. To get a sandwich, have Bart transform an ear of corn into a loaf of bread. Then, have Bart transform the loaf of bread into a sandwich.

    Other Tips

    • If you have an abundance of Raisants in your garden, you can allow predator Pinatas to use them as a snack. The Geckie Pinata learns a trick after eating one Raisant. One Raisant meal is also enough to meet the romance requirements of Newtgat and Dragumfly. The Chocstrich must eat three Raisants to breed. You can attract an Arocknid, a spider Pinata, to the garden if you have four Raisants. Two Raisants are needed to attract Fizzlybears.

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