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Jones Beach - Wantagh, NY - Fun in the Sun

Looking for sun, sand and saltwater? It may surprise you to hear that you can find all this right here in New York.
Jones Beach contains all the simple pleasures of any other beach and while it may not be the perfect place for a luxury vacation, it is a great place for people of all ages to go for the day.
General Information The great thing about Jones Beach is its location.
It is 1-1.
5 hours away from the city (depending on which lot you choose) and it is very easy to get to.
The beach is open year round but swimming season usually starts around Memorial Day and parking costs $8.
The water is relatively calm, but it also pretty cold.
A quick dip in the water is perfect to cool you off after laying in the hot sand and sun, though.
Another cool feature is that the ocean beach runs for 6.
5 miles and there is a .
5 mile long bay beach so there are many lots to choose from.
Each lot has its own entrance, parking lot, food establishments, bathrooms and leisure activities.
Activities Attractions include swimming, mini golf, beach volleyball courts, fishing, pools, playgrounds and much more.
The activities available depend on which lot you choose.
The lots with more attractions are more crowded (although it is still easy to find a space to lay out) and the lots with less are the more relaxing ones.
Event Aside from the usual beach activities, Jones Beach is the site for many exciting events.
Well-known artists are known to have concerts here and there is a stage where other performances take place.
During our recent visit, we found ourselves in the middle of the Jones Beach Air Show.
There were all kinds of military aircraft doing flips and making formations in the air.
Jones Beach is never a boring place as there are many activities to choose from.
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