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How to Check for Warrants in Missouri

    • 1). Visit the Missouri page of the County Warrant website at States available for a warrant search are listed on the left-hand side of the site. This website also lists specific Missouri counties whose sheriff departments offer a free warrant search of their database. This is a great option to try when you are trying to find info concerning a specific county.

    • 2). Select a warrant database that covers the entire state if you can not find the info you need on a county-only search site. provides an all inclusive warrant search, providing local, state, and city information.

    • 3). Contact a criminal lawyer to see if you have any outstanding warrants. Lawyers have access to court records and can perform a search for you, often at little to no cost. This may also be a wise course of action if you are fairly certain you do have a warrant issued, especially if the lawyer is already familiar will your circumstances and can assist you further.

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