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How to Create an Oracle DB Link

    • 1). Open the Oracle Enterprise Manager application from the Windows program menu and log in to your database server.

    • 2). Open the PL-SQL editor and create the database linking code. The following code shows you the syntax for the Oracle link:

      USING 'Oracle2';

      In this example, Oracle connects to the server named "anotherserver," and the link's name is set to "Oracle2." Click "Run" to create the link.

    • 3). Query the remote server. After the link is created, you use the new link name to query the remote database. The following code shows you how to query a remote server linked by Oracle:

      select * from customers@Oracle2
      where customerid=1

      The code above queries the "customers" table on the linked Oracle2 database. The customer returned has the ID of 1.

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