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Secrets of Getting Rid of Back Acne Forever

A lot of us have to deal with acne sometime or the other.
Acne is common in face and neck but back acne is not so uncommon either.
Back acne is more difficult to treat and requires intensive treatment than that of facial acne.
Most of the time, back acne is caused due to hereditary problem.
The other reason could be the type of clothing you wear.
Sporting very tight clothes can lead to the oil from the sebaceous gland forming a thin layer of film and sticking on your skin.
Eventually, it turns into whiteheads and leads to acne.
In fact if you observe, there are quite a number of physically active people who suffer from acne because of wearing very tight clothes every day.
Make sure you wear comfortable loose clothing to stop aggravating the acne.
It is recommended by many dermatologists to wear loose cotton clothes and use powder to keep the skin on your back dry.
Sweat can also lead to formation of acne.
Stress is another common factor known to cause back acne.
Diet has not yet been proved to have any relation with back acne but it is still a good idea to follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water every day.
Back acne can be treated in a number of ways.
Since the skin in the back is tougher than the facial skin, it is challenging to remove the acne from the back.
Most commonly used treatment is oral medication.
Antibiotics like tetracycline and minocycline are the widely prescribed medicines for back acne treatment.
Another option is to use a body wash that contains 10% benzoyl peroxide.
It is known to be effective in soothing and curing the acne.
Benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that forms as a result of sweat or perspiration and prevents the acne from occurring.
Since bacteria plays a role in causing acne, it is imperative to wear clean clothes every day and use clean towels to avoid infection of any sort.
Also, it is a recommended practice to take a shower after your exercise sessions using salicylic acid based cleansers and also change into new clothes after the exercise routines.
Spreading ice over the affected areas will give temporary relief to back acne.
Olive and Lavender oil can be used regularly for a softer skin.
Natural remedies like neem paste and egg whites land up taking anywhere between 2 weeks to a month to heal.
But they don't have any side effects and is absolutely safe.
Regular application of lemon juice with salt water will help heal the affected areas faster.
There are a number of advanced treatments available to treat back acne including laser treatments, which exfoliates the skin and results in a new layer of skin that is healthier and acne free.
While it is costly to opt for laser treatments, they give immediate results as opposed to natural remedies.
Massaging the affected areas with tea tree oil will help to reduce the acne and will make your skin much softer and healthier.

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