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The Average Salary of Math Majors

    Degree Requirements

    • To obtain a degree in math, you generally have to obtain a minimum of a bachelor's degree, which involves four years of full-time study. A master's degree requires an additional one to two years of full-time study and a PhD takes between four and six years post-baccalaureate study. Some colleges may offer a two-year degree in mathematics. However, most careers in mathematics require you to have a four-year degree to enter the field.


    • Mathematics majors enjoy work in a variety of environments. Mathematicians can find work as mathematical modelers, finance experts, statisticians, crypotgraphers and can work in computer science, education and biotechnology.


    • According to Students Review, the average starting salary for a math major, as of November, 2010, was $45,703 and the average salary of a mathematician was $119,132.

    Better than English Majors

    • According to Duke University, mathematics majors fare better than many other majors when it comes to salary. When compared with an English major, mathematicians earn, on average, 37.7 percent more.

    Job Satisfaction

    • Salary isn't the only consideration when thinking about a career in mathematics. It may not just be a lucrative career, but mathematicians experience higher than average job satisfaction. According to Career Cast, mathematician ranked #1 out of 200 jobs. Factors included working environment, physical demands and job satisfaction.

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