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Erasing Files Doesn"t REALLY Erase Them (But This Will)

31. Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 is a system optimizer program that includes over 10 tools for optimizing a computer, one of which is a file shredder for protecting privacy.

The file shredder is located in the Privacy Protector section of the program. Just load one or more files and folders using the Add button and click Shred to immediately start the process.

You can also shred files from Windows Explorer by right-clicking and choosing Shred file/folder.

Data Sanitization Methods: Random Data

A portable version is also available from the download page.

Download Wise Care 365 for Free

Wise Care 365 can also completely remove deleted files by overwriting them with more secure sanitization methods than the file shredder. This tool is called Disk Eraser.More »

32. System Mechanic Free

System Mechanic Free is a suite of several programs, such as a registry cleaner, defrag program, and a file shredder. Open the file shredder program from Toolbox > Individual Tools > Ensure Personal Privacy > Incinerator > Securely Delete Files.

Data Sanitization Methods: Random Data

Just drag and drop any file or folder you wish to remove, walk through the wizard to select how many times to overwrite the data (1-10 times), and then click the Incinerate Now button to start.

Download System Mechanic Free

Note: You must enter your email address during setup to get a free activation key required to make System Mechanic Free work.More »

33. ToolWiz Care

Similar to System Mechanic Free, the file shredder in ToolWiz Care is part of a whole suite of other programs. You can find the File Shredder portion under the Tools > Basic Tools section.

Choose the Add Files or Add Folder/Drive button to load multiple files or a single folder at once. Files and folders will be added to the queue, after which you can click Erase File/Folder to securely delete the data.

Data Sanitization Methods: Write Zero

The data wipe method can be ran up to 16 times for greater privacy.

Download ToolWiz Care for Free

During setup, choose Run without installing instead of Install now to run ToolWiz Care as a portable program.More »

34. Baidu PC Faster

Baidu PC Faster is a system optimizer that includes a file shredder. To use it, go to ToolBox (top right corner) > File Shredder, drag and drop one or more files into the window, and click Shred Now.

Data Sanitization Methods: Write Zero

The data wipe method can be ran three times by selecting the Triple Shred option.

Something unique about Baidu PC Faster's file shredder is that it keeps a history of the files you've shredded. You of course can't restore these files, so it serves more as an informative list that you can clear at any time.

Download Baidu PC Faster for Free

Note: Baidu Antivirus also includes a file shredder but it works from the right-click context menu in Windows Explorer. This makes it even easier to shred files and folders.More »

35. Blank And Secure

This is a completely portable file shredder that's really small in size and supports the most basic wipe method using drag and drop.

Data Sanitization Methods: Write Zero

Blank And Secure has a simple interface that lets you shred files and folders and then automatically close. There's also an option to delay deleting files for 1-5 seconds, the ability to shred data from the Windows Explorer context menu, and an option to run the write zero erase method up to 35 times.

Another feature in Blank And Secure is the ability to write the free space of a folder with zeros, great for scrubbing files that you've previously deleted in the normal fashion.

A progress bar helps determine how much time has elapsed as well as how long until the whole process will complete.

Download Blank And Secure for Free

Note: There are two download versions available for Blank and Secure. See How To Tell if You Have Windows 8 64-bit or 32-bit to know if you should select the "x64" link on the download page.More »

36. SDelete

SDelete, short for Secure Delete, is a command-line based file shredder that can be run from the Command Prompt in Windows 8, 7, Vista, or XP.

Data Sanitization Methods: DoD 5220.22-M

SDelete is part of the Sysinternals Suite of free system utilities available from Microsoft. SDelete does not utilize Secure Erase even though its name might lead you to think otherwise.

Download SDelete for Free

Note: There are several drawbacks to using SDelete and the information on their download page has a fair discussion of those issues. I suggest using any of these other file shredder programs before trying SDelete.More »

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