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The Magic Hundred

Building castles in the air, now that's something we all dabble in from time to time. Of course, most of us never get to see the castles turn into reality, for a variety of reasons. You may have high-flying goals but guess what, so do the rest of the populace. One of the common reasons for some of the dreams to come to a screeching halt might be due to a lack of goal setting and lack of any proper application. Sounds simple, doesn't it? Given the current economic downturn, you may be feeling the pinch just about now. With mortgage payments piling up high and recurring interests on unpaid loans, you may want to think about ways to realize some of those dreams. It is but natural that you would have some goals to start off with, from high school to college, but would have settled for less the minute you graduated. It is a human tendency to be complacent and settle with the bird in the hand than go hunting elsewhere. But if you no longer have the urge to seek better pastures, can you actually realize those far-fetched dreams. There's nothing more irritating than being categorized as a dreamer by others, but grating nerves aside, the million dollar question is what do you plan to do about those dreams?

For starters, you can go online in search of success stories; materials that can help you achieve some of your goals. I'm sure that you may get assailed on all sides by stories, clichs on positive thinking, on goal setting, on the laws of attraction. But on the whole, it may take a lot more than wishful thinking on your part to realize some of those dreams. Sure, if you plan to dream about the yacht, go right ahead. But if you are serious about achieving the same in a short space of time, you need to think 'structured goal setting'. That may be a mouthful but with structured goal setting, you should get started on realizing that goal. Naturally, it will require some effort on your part. But with proper structured plan, proper application of mind, you should be able to achieve some of those goals. There are quite a few online materials that you can use and in addition, you may want to check out the magic hundred for tips and pointers.

I am a bit queasy when it comes to the subject of goal setting since the online content happen to either contradict each other or provide the same in the most vague terms you can think up of. Well, that should clue you in with regard to my initial take on the magic hundred. But I for one, am glad that I do not set stock by initial takes for this e-book does provide a few interesting tips on how to set goals, how to follow a defined structure and more importantly, how to stay focused. Sure, some of the content is a bit repetitive and chances are that you may have come across the same elsewhere. But the content provided here is informative to say the least and it comes without the usual chaff of vague terminology and impossible schedules.

This book comes with a 100 page workbook that allows you to structure your goal, software access to grade and track your goals, 12 mp3 audio lessons to help you stay focused and access to 100 teleseminars on the subject of goal setting. This product comes with a 100% guarantee as well. So all taken together, it sure provides for a different take from the usual kind of vague terminology, useless clichs and pointless references that seem to be the main theme where other online content are concerned. Anyway, if you are looking to transform some of those dreams into stark reality, you may want to check out this product.

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