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How to Plan a Church Anniversary Choir Musical Program

    • 1). Post announcements in church newsletters and website publications to gather additional choir members who may be "retired" or who have moved away. If the church music director knows some former choir members or musicians, contact those folks directly to issue invitations for them to participate. List two to three large group rehearsal times, including one or two on the anniversary weekend to account for out-of-towners who can only travel once.

    • 2). Coordinate with the head pastor, the anniversary committee coordinator and the music director to agree on the anniversary theme and musical selections fitting the theme. Choose music based on these thematic discussions, and begin to arrange it to highlight solos, special instruments or key choir members during the program.

    • 3). Lay out the musical elements, such as the number of choir songs, who will be accompanying each piece and instrumental-only sections of the pieces. Decide which songs will be full choir participation, which will be selected ensembles of choir members, and what opening and finale pieces will be the extended choir songs, including any returning or guest choir members. Communicate with the soloists or ensemble leaders.

    • 4). Practice the bulk of songs during your regular choir rehearsals in the 3-4 months preceding the anniversary weekend. Make sure the present choir has a good grasp on the opening and finale pieces, as they will help the guest members learn more quickly.

    • 5). Negotiate any changes with the head pastor or anniversary committee leader. Keep communication open so that if anything needs to change about the selections, you have enough advance warning to prepare.

    • 6). Send reminders about the anniversary weekend rehearsal for guests and returning choir members. Plan a small celebration and social time during the rehearsal to give returning and present members space to interact and catch up, alongside practicing the songs. Fine-tune any dynamics for the songs. Share notes about robes or special clothing for the anniversary program. Answer any last-minute questions about seating and times for the program.

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