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How to Erase Everything on Your Laptop

    • 1). Place the boot disk that came with your laptop in the CD-ROM. If you misplaced yours, purchase another one from a local retail.

    • 2). Reboot the computer to get to the MS-DOS prompt screen. Press any button on the keyboard to start the disk.

    • 3). Press "Yes" and "Enter" once the computer asks, " Are you sure you want to erase everything on drive C?"

    • 4). Let the computer begin to format. This will take several minutes before complete.

    • 5). Type "fdisk/mbr" at the MS-DOS prompt. Press "Enter." The screen will return to the MS-DOS prompt.

    • 6). Reboot the laptop with the disk in the CD-ROM.

    • 7). Open the C drive. Delete every folder that did not come with operating system. Do this if you do not have a boot disk.

    • 8). Go to the Control Panel and uninstall the software programs that did not come with laptop.

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